Dr. Frank-Chris Schoebel
Dr. Frank-Chris Schoebel
Dr. Frank-Chris Schoebel has been working as a cardiologist in Düsseldorf for 25 years and was a member of staff at the Clinic for Cardiology, Pneumology and Angiology at the University Hospital Düsseldorf for more than 16 years, including 6 years as senior physician. To the profile.

COVID-19 - optimal hygiene in the medical practice


COVID-19 - optimal hygiene in the medical practice - more safety for patients and staff

We at Cardiopraxis are also constantly adapting to the current circumstances of the COVID-19 virus epidemic. Of course, this includes first and foremost the hygienic measures for your protection and the protection of employees.

We have already planned and gradually introduced a whole range of measures at the end of January so that practice operations can be safely maintained for you.

We already started the practical implementation in mid-March, for example by completely separating the staff of the two sites in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch on March 18, 2020. This consequently means that no employees, whether non-medical or medical, will transfer between the sites. Consequently, both sites are completely independent units from a hygienic point of view.

Consequently, our protection measures at COVID-19 distinguish between personnel-related and visitor-related protection measures.

COVID-19 - optimal hygiene - hygiene measures for visitors in the Cardiopraxis

Hand Disinfection. When you enter Cardiopraxis , we ask that you disinfect your hands. In this way, corona viruses that are on your hands, for example through contact with door handles or shopping carts, can be rendered harmless.

Furthermore, you can find disinfection dispensers in other places in the Praxis, including in the restrooms. Use them.

Mouth-nose protection. After hand disinfection, if you do not bring your own mouth/nose protection, we ask you to put on a mouth/nose protection, which we will provide.

Body temperature measurement. We measure the surface body temperature of each visitor for orientation. Only people with a normal body temperature and without symptoms are cared for in the Cardiopraxis . In the case that people do not meet these criteria, we ask them to contact their family doctor by phone.

Barrier. At the reception desk, we have installed signal strips on the floor for you to maintain the distance. In addition, the reception has a plexiglass protection.

Distance rule. We adhere to the distance rule. This means that the waiting rooms will not be full. We therefore ask you not to come too early, but also not too late. You should also avoid companions as far as possible.

Surface disinfection. The surfaces, especially the frequently used door handles, are disinfected several times a day. The transducers of the ultrasound devices are disinfected after each use in accordance with the guidelines.

Raumlüftung. Ein besonderes Anliegen ist uns die Güte der Raumluft, denn je besser die Lüftung, desto höher die “Verdünnung“ einer möglichen Viruslast und folglich desto geringer das Ansteckungsrisiko. Wir halten daher die Fenster geöffnet und verzichten zusätzlich auf den Einsatz der Klimaanlagen. Zur Bestimmung der Reinheit der Luft messen wir den CO2-Gehalt. Liegt dieser Wert <1.000 ppm (parts per million), dann gilt das Ansteckungsrisiko über der Aerosolweg als sehr gering.

COVID-19 - Hygiene measures for personnel in the Cardiopraxis

Temperature measurement. We measure and document the body temperature of both non-medical and medical staff on a daily basis. In the event of an increase in temperature, the same procedure is followed as for visitors to Praxis.

Hand disinfection. Hand disinfection is particularly important. Therefore, we wash our hands thoroughly after each patient contact and perform thorough disinfection of hands and forearms.

Mouthguard. In direct patient contact, both medical and non-medical staff wear a mouthguard, which is changed once a day.

Work clothes. The work clothes of the employees of Cardiopraxis are changed regularly. In addition, the work clothes are cleaned virucidally in a washing machine by employees at the respective site. At one site, this is done using a washing machine with an ozone wash cycle, at the other site using special detergents. Both processes kill >99% of viruses.

COVID-19 - optimal hygiene in the medical practice - perspective for a healthy Cardiopraxis

Furthermore, the course of the COVID-19 virus epidemic in the future is not yet certain. Finally, in the event of a prolonged course, we must expect more or less restrictive measures of epidemic protection. Cardiopraxis will closely monitor this course and respond adequately in the interest of your safety.



COVID-19 - optimal hygiene in the medical practice



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