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Heart failure basically describes a weakness of the heart. The heart muscle is weakened after a heart attack, heart muscle inflammation or for other reasons and can no longer eject enough blood with each beat. The performance of the heart is no longer sufficient. There are very different degrees of severity here. If the heart failure is not yet so pronounced, patients often first notice a decrease in performance, fatigue and listlessness. Later, shortness of breath, shortness of breath and other complaints develop. We have already reported on this elsewhere.

In short, the lower the exercise capacity, the more severe the heart failure.

Heart failure is still a serious disease. It causes many hospital admissions in Germany and unfortunately 10-20% of patients still die each year. And this despite the fact that the prognosis has already improved significantly thanks to modern medications.

Early signs may include symptoms such as shortness of breath, ankle swelling, dizziness, cardiac arrhythmias, or sometimes thoracic tightness.

However, there are also signs that can be measured but not felt. These include minor water retention, ECG changes and blood pressure fluctuations.

For many years, there have been efforts to improve patient care. One key finding comes from cardiology practices. If we see patients early, we can quickly avert deterioration with small interventions and prevent hospitalization.

If you notice the deterioration in time, you can often prevent the worst.

The only problem is: how can we see the right patients in time?

Modern technology should make this possible. If ECG, blood pressure, weight and condition were queried daily, the right patients could be found. In fact, this could be proven in a large study. Here, even the mortality of the monitored patients could be reduced!

As a result, a lot of work has been done and health insurance companies are covering the full cost of the program.

To improve the care of our patients, we have founded the first Düsseldorf Telemedicine Center.

We are certified with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and are licensed within the scope of our health care mandate. With the TU Munich we have a strong cooperation partner for the daily monitoring and evaluation of your data. With Actimi, intuitive devices are available that network themselves and also reliably transmit data independently of a WLAN. No technical knowledge is needed! We do not use any commercially oriented third party provider, your data is safe!

For which patients is the in telemedicine center Düsseldorf a possibility?

  1. Patients are discharged from the hospital with heart failure:
    1. We provide patients with ECG and blood pressure monitor, scale and a tablet with integrated questionnaire.
    2. The devices are extremely easy to use and everything is automatically networked, no matter where the patient is.
    3. The values are monitored daily by us and our cooperation partner, the TU Munich, and we receive feedback as quickly as possible.
  1. Patients with an implanted defibrillator or CRT defibrillator. They can be included and we receive daily reports of cardiac arrhythmias or other deteriorations.

We no longer wait for control, but identify problems before they become dangers! This is how we can prevent hospital stays and save lives.

7 days a week, the data is monitored, trained professionals can immediately take the right measures. For your safety, no matter where you are. The devices network themselves, the data is transferred automatically, even without WLAN. A service hotline helps with questions and our qualified personnel contacts you if something is not working. For the evaluation and monitoring of the data, we cooperate with the Telemedicine Center rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich (TU München).

We can even take over your monitoring and you remain under the care of your specialist or family doctor, who will then be notified immediately by us in the event of an emergency.

We don't want to make the offer available only to our patients, anyone can be included who needs it!

The devices come to you, turn on and the daily check and early detection begins, simply from home. Easy to use.

Talk to us. We are the cardiological telemedicine center in Düsseldorf!

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