Cardiopraxis Compact: Information letter from your cardiological Praxis in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch

Symptoms and specific performances of the Cardiopraxis

Symptoms - leading signals for cardiovascular diseases

Professional clarification Cardiopraxis

Many people who come to us have symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Symptoms are guardian angels, because they show us that something is wrong with our body. With symptoms, our body prompts us to look for the causes of the ailments and to remedy them if possible. The goal is for the organism as a whole to regain its balance and for us to remain healthy in the long term.

Sometimes symptoms can be an urgent indication of an acute life-threatening condition that requires rapid action.

Our task as cardiologists is to correctly interpret symptoms as important guiding signals for diseases, to initiate further goal-directed diagnostic steps and the helping therapy as quickly as possible.

Symptoms alone are non-specific, i.e., they do not directly and precisely indicate a disease. For example, the symptom "shortness of breath" can be caused by at least 10 different heart, lung and metabolic diseases each, but they all need to be treated differently. Consequently, when you come to us with a symptom, we perform a series of tests.

In the CardiopraxisCompact section, you can learn more about your symptom and the resulting examinations. Here you can find out what we do when you come to us with a particular symptom.