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Sleep Apnea-Screening

Disturbances of the heart and circulation occur at any time of the day – even during sleep. Often they even have their cause there. With sleep apnea screening, Cardiopraxis offers a modern procedure with which we can track down your sleep behaviour and possible problems. You can use the multi-channel device we use for this comfortably at home. During your sleep it checks your circulatory and respiratory functions and detects nocturnal breathing interruptions – so-called sleep apnea.

When do we start sleep apnea screening?

We perform sleep apnea screening if you are aware of breathing interruptions while sleeping or if we suspect that you are suffering from them. Sleep apnea leads to unrestful sleep and can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure, in turn, promotes the development of cardiovascular disease. If sleep apnea remains undetected as the cause, this can mean that medication used to treat high blood pressure does not work properly for you. If sleep apnea, on the other hand, is known, we can treat it specifically.

How does sleep apnea screening work?

After we have informed you comprehensively about the handling of the multi-channel device in our practice, you can carry out the examination yourself at home for one night. Before going to bed, you put on all the necessary components: two breathing belts, an ECG device, a finger clip to measure the oxygen saturation in the blood and nasal cannula to measure the respiratory currents and snoring noises. The straps measure the breathing movements and thus allow conclusions to be drawn about the cause of sleep apnea. Because it makes a big difference whether the breathing stops are caused by a blockage in the neck area (e.g. too much alcohol or too much fat in the throat) or have their cause in the chest area – if the chest does not lift properly. We also use the multi-channel device to record your breathing depth and frequency, your heart rate and ECG, oxygen saturation, snoring noises and even your sleeping position (supine position, lateral position, prone position).

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