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Echocardiography is an ultrasound examination of the heart. With this basic diagnostic method, we can draw conclusions about your heart health gently and easily. With the help of a ultrasound head our cardiologist examines your breast region externally and gets your individual heart structure and heart movements precisely displayed on a screen.

In other cases, so-called stress echocardiography is used, especially in the indirect evaluation of blood circulation of the heart muscle. The patient is also physically active in order to achieve a certain stress level – similar to a stress ECG. Both methods function the same, only the examination procedure is slightly different.

Echocardiography in peace: How does it work with us?

As an important basic diagnostic instrument, we perform echocardiography at each initial contact with a patient. The normal echocardiography examination is performed with the upper body free when lying, on the back and in a lateral position. Sometimes it can also be dynamic, i.e. while standing or after 10 knee bends – this depends on what the cardiologist wants to find out during the examination. When scanning with the ultrasound head, your heart structures can not only be viewed in black and white, but the blood flow and speed can also be displayed with color Doppler echocardiography. The latter is particularly important for the examination of cardiac valve defects. The examination takes about 10 minutes.

Echocardiography at rest: When do we do it?

Echocardiography at rest allows us to make many statements that may indicate the presence of a heart disease: for example, about the size of your heart chambers, the condition and function of your heart valves, the thickness of your heart – and thus also about its strength. She also gives us information about expired heart attacks. We have a total of five measuring instruments at our two locations – 3 of them in Düsseldorf and 2 in Meerbusch.

Between 9,000 and 10,000 normal echocardiography examinations are carried out every year by the team of cardiologists at the Cardiopraxis.

Stress echocardiography: How does it work with us?

The procedure for a stress echocardiography is a bit different than for a “normal” echocardiography: Here the doctor performs the ultrasound examination, while you – with your upper body free – ride a bicycle on a special couch on the left side. Please bring comfortable clothing! As you pedal, the resistance increases continuously, so that more strength is needed. Similar to the Exertion ECG, this examination takes about 15 minutes.

Stress echocardiography: When do we do it?

A stress echocardiography is particularly suitable to detect a narrowing of the heart disease vessels (coronary heart disease (CAD)): If the strength no longer increases after a certain period of stress, this is a persistent indication of this. We also perform this procedure in Cardiopraxis in cases of shortness of breath under stress or chest tightness (angina pectoris). A cardiac catheter is often indicated in the case of abnormal findings.

The stress echocardiography is performed less frequently than the normal echocardiography – in Cardiopraxis, however, we still perform a total of about 1,000 examinations per year.

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