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Ganzheitliche und dynamische
Kreislaufmessung mit Finapres®️

Our unique selling point: Scientific, holistic and dynamic circulation measurement with Finapres®️

A core competence and unique selling point of Cardiopraxis is the way we measure your circulation. We consistently use the scientifically proven Finapres® method. In addition to other parameters, it evaluates not only your blood pressure, but also your blood flow – simply and bloodlessly. The Finapres® method is the so-called gold standard method of bloodless circulation measurement worldwide.

The dynamic circulation measurement contributes to a scientific holistic view and allows us a much more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of your circulation and thus a better therapy setting. Less medication and fewer side effects are the result – good prospects for your long-term health! With over 2,400 measurements per year, our team of doctors in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch carry out the Finapres®method most frequently worldwide and thus possess a particularly large amount of know-how.

Learn more about the holistic and dynamic circulation measurement with Finapres® – also with our understandable Videos.

Circulation measurement with Finapres®: How does it work?

Your circulation is a dynamic system: With pressure blood flows from the heart via your arteries into the body and via your veins back to the heart. Your blood vessels have to oppose the blood flow: the vascular resistance.

Vascular resistance depends on your blood pressure and blood flow. If you compare this hydraulic system with a bellows, then the blood pressure is the tension in the bellows and the blood flow is the air coming out the front. Both of these parameters are important for assessing vascular resistance and thus the condition of your circulatory system. The vascular resistance regulates both the pressure control circuit, which is important for a balanced blood distribution in the body, and the temperature control circuit, which ensures a stable heat distribution in the body.

In current practice, only blood pressure is measured almost exclusively, for example in the evaluation of high blood pressure. This results in an incomplete picture of a person’s cardiovascular system, which can often lead to incorrect treatment and side effects. An optimal therapy setting is only possible if both parameters – blood pressure and blood flow – have been completely recorded and understood beforehand.

Blood flow can be measured, for example, during a cardiac catheter examination, which, however, is associated with an invasive procedure. For some years now, however, there has been a non-invasive and therefore bloodless method which is considered a scientifically validated gold standard: Finapres®. With this so-called photoplethysmographic procedure, a plastic ring (cuff) is placed around your middle finger. While pressure is exerted on this cuff, a light sensor measures how much blood flows through your finger. The device uses this information to determine your blood pressure and blood flow.

In addition, further values are measured that are important for assessing the circulatory system: the baroreceptor sensitivity and the heart rate variability (HRV). The examination can be performed standing, sitting or lying with you, which allows us a very detailed analysis. Even under stress, in combination with a stress echocardiography, we can perform the holistic circulation measurement. It is completed by an obligatory simple temperature measurement.

For a modern and individual interpretation of the circulation, 20-25 individual measured values must be considered and evaluated integratively. This requires a lot of experience and good scientific basic knowledge of the treating physician. On the basis of our extensive experience in intensive care units and cardiac catheterisation laboratories, we have been carrying out over 2,400 measurements annually in Cardiopraxis since 2011 using the Finapres® method. It is also impressive for us again and again how many health-relevant findings we can gain for the individual through the consistent use of this method.

Circulation measurement with Finapres®: What are the advantages?

With the bloodless Finapres® method, blood flow and pressure are measured continuously at each heartbeat, while normal blood pressure is not measured continuously. From these two readings, the cardiologist can calculate the important resistance in your blood vessels. Together with the other parameters this allows a much more accurate diagnostics of your circulatory system and thus also more targeted points of attack for a drug therapy.

Using high blood pressure as an example, it is easy to illustrate why both blood pressure and blood flow are so immensely important. Because there are in principle two forms of high blood pressure: 1. high blood pressure in connection with a low blood flow (= increased vessel resistance) and 2. high blood pressure in connection with a high blood flow (= low vessel resistance). People who belong to the first group are usually characterised by an excessive loss of body heat and a reduced metabolism (= insufficient production of body heat). With the second group it is the other way round: they conserve and produce too much body heat through an increased metabolism (see temperature measurement ). Two completely different conditions, which also require different treatments. For people in the first group, vasodilator drugs are primarily indicated, as are dietary supplements and physical training; for people in the second group, stress-reducing drugs (e.g. beta-blockers) and weight reduction are indicated. If blood flow were not measured, this exact diagnosis would not be possible and the therapy would be less targeted.

The advantages of the holistic, dynamic circulation measurement with Finapres® can be used naturally for the treatment many further cardiovascular disturbances.

Circulation measurement with Finapres®: When is it suitable?

The circulation measurement can be carried out with Finapres® in people suffering from the following cardiovascular diseases or treated as follows:

  • Arterial hypertension
  • Heart failure (for optimal relief of the heart)
  • cardiac valve disease (to reduce leakage)
  • cardiac arrhythmia (in atrial fibrillation)
  • Take-up of circulatory active drugs (e.g. beta-blockers, AT-blockers, calcium antagonists)
  • Take-up of metabolically active medications (e.g. thyroid hormones, vitamin D, magnesium)

Typical symptoms where we carry out circulation measurements with Finapres® in Cardiopraxis are:

With the help of the holistic and dynamic Finapres® circulation measurement, our team of doctors can also identify the cause of supposedly unspecific symptoms and emotions (e.g.: restlessness, anxiety, irritability, exhaustion, etc.) of circulatory patients and treat them better – and thus ultimately meet you with even more understanding and empathy.

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