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Your questions about follow-up appointments in the Cardiopraxis

The Praxis is open continuously:

Monday-Thursday: 8:00h-17:30h
Friday: 8:00h-14:30h

Monday-Thursday: 8:00h-17:00h
Friday: 8:00h-14:00h

Special regulations, for example around the holidays, can be found out in each case via the Google entry "Cardiopraxis Düsseldorf" or "Cardiopraxis Meerbusch" or the homepage of the homepage.


It is best to make appointments online via our online appointment service, which is the fastest way. In addition, online bookers receive priority appointments. However, you can also make an appointment by phone via the central telephone number 0211- 300 44 94 to make an appointment.

Please submit the hospital report and your appointment request first, preferably by email to. A cardiologist at Cardiopraxis will then decide when an appointment at Praxis is appropriate. We will then get back to you by phone to make an appointment.

Yes, this is particularly important. Only in this way can we often classify your symptoms as side effects of the substances mentioned and support you in a sensible therapy setting.

Last but not least, accurate information on medications and supplements contributes to your health safety.

It is best to make a list already at home. Important are: name, concentration of the drug and frequency of use. (Click here to download our template for you).

We ask for medications and dietary supplements at each visit. Therefore, it is also useful if you bring an updated list to each appointment.

Yes, this is very important. Take the time to write down the side effects of previous medications before you visit us at Praxis . If we know which medications you have not tolerated, as in the past, then we gain valuable information and can avoid side effects for you when you are prescribed new medications.

For people with statutory health insurance, we generally only prescribe drugs that are intended for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Your statutory health insurance fund only provides us with a budget for this area. If we do not comply with this, we have to pay penalties, so-called recourse payments.

For people with private medical insurance, we can also prescribe medications from service areas other than cardiovascular medicine.

If more complex examination findings are collected, then we prepare a report of the findings.

For people with statutory insurance, the referring family doctor will receive the report and you will then receive further information from there. If you are a person with statutory insurance and would like to receive the report from us personally, you should leave a deposit for postage.

People with private health insurance will receive the report directly, as it is part of the benefits of private health insurance.

Certain laboratory results and findings from other examinations, such as long-term ECG, myocardial scintigram or X-ray will not be received until after your visit.

If you have statutory health insurance, your family doctor will usually be informed. Therefore, you should contact your family doctor approx. 2 weeks after the examination to discuss the results of the examination.

If you have private medical insurance, we will send you the report directly, as this service is part of the benefits catalog of private health insurance companies.

Just come by our office and pick up the referral without calling ahead. We can issue the referral directly on the spot in a timely manner.

Please understand that our doctors have very little time to take phone calls during office hours. The best way to address your concerns to us is by e-mail via This way, your attending cardiologist can answer your question in peace and call you back if necessary. Please include in the e-mail: Name, first name, date of birth and the precise request.

Do you have questions about your benefit accounting?

Please briefly describe your question. If necessary, you can attach a document, e.g. the letter from your insurance company as a PDF or photo. We will respond to your request within 2 working days.


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