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Cardiological services of the Cardiopraxis

Holistic. In partnership. For your health!
Consistently we take care in the Cardiopraxis  in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch always has enough time for you to respond to his Cardiovascular problems and to find individual cardiological and holistic solutions. Furthermore, we also explore the correlation of your symptoms with other diseases in order to achieve the best possible treatment for everyone. Consequently, we offer you the full range of services of outpatient cardiology supplemented by invasive coronary diagnostics and coronary interventions including stenting in our own cardiac catheterization laboratory. Finally, we accompany you on your way to a healthy life with regular consultations and expert lectures.

Our cardiology services at a glance:



Pulmonary function test

Cardiac catheter

Doppler Duplex Sonography

Sleep apnea

Cardio MRI

Temperature measurement

Baroreceptor sensitivity