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Partnerschaftliche Medizin:
kooperativ, nachhaltig, ganzheitlich

Get to know the cardiological team of doctors and practices of the Cardiopraxis in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch!

We meet people who seek advice and treatment from us at eye level. We are firmly convinced that a cooperative relationship is the best way to achieve our common goal: Your long-term health!

Our doctors see themselves neither as “demigods in white” nor as pure service providers. Empathy, respect and honesty – these are the qualities we stand for

and that we live with in our dealings with other people every day. In our opinion, the task of a doctor – especially in cardiology – is to enable the person to be treated to achieve the goal of health together with us. We offer not only help, but also Help to self-help. We can empower because we are especially experienced and empathetic.

We take our time for you!

We take a lot of time and listen attentively in order to fully understand the individual health problems of the heart and your body. We attach particular importance to explaining in detail, pointing out holistic solutions and making recommendations. We spare no effort for this, for example, when we independently request important information – such as findings – to record your cardiological situation or make a quick and uncomplicated appointment with a radiologist.

We want to get to know you!

Partnership medicine also means that we want to get to know you as a person in your respective life situation as well as possible – with your habits, wishes and requirements in life. We offer you a particularly pleasant, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the Cardiopraxis – your specialist centre for cardiology in Düsseldorf and Meerbusch. If we know how you “tick”, this also helps us to recognise and treat your cardiovascular complaints. This understanding is reflected in our comprehensive diagnostic spectrum, which is exceptional for an outpatient cardiology practice. We most frequently perform holistic cardiovascular measurements using the non-invasive Finapres® method worldwide.

As few medications as possible – but in a targeted way

Our therapy approach is also holistic. On the basis of the meticulous and varied diagnostics that we carry out in cardiopractice, we get a very precise picture of your disease. This puts us in a position to develop a tailor-made therapy for you that gets by with as few drugs as possible – ideally with none at all. The drugs we prescribe are absolutely targeted. Unwanted interactions with other drugs and side effects are thus avoided. Because we deeply respect your cardiovascular system, which is very sensitive to interventions. With us you stay in balance!