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Cardiopraxis is a modern cardiology practice with locations in Düsseldorf and in Meerbusch. We live a forward-looking medical approach that focuses on you as a human being in partnership.

Our goal is your individual physical and mental self-determination, at any age, in short your long-term health. This applies both to people with cardiovascular disease and to all people who want to remain actively healthy.

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Praxis Düsseldorf 0211 300 44 93
Praxis Meerbusch 02132 658 68 30

Frequently asked questions / F.A.Q.

The risk of cardiovascular disease, with its major complications like heart attack and stroke, has decreased encouragingly and significantly over the past 20 years. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • in healthy people we recognize the risk early and can prevent complications in the long term
  • in cardiovascular diseases, differentiated diagnostics enable us to provide individualized therapy
  • people are empowered by the Internet. They match information with medical specialists and hence influence their health more independently at an earlier stage

Specialists in cardiology, internal medicine, angiology, intensive care medicine

  • Experience. Many years of training at university hospitals including senior medical practice.
  • Differentiated diagnostics. Trend-setting in the investigation of cardiovascular diseases
  • Unique selling points. Differentiated non-invasive circulatory diagnostics with measurement of blood pressure AND blood flow as a setting feature (Finapres systemⓇ, >3,000 measurements per year).
  • Empowerment. Understandable conversations so that you can promote your health as independently as possible. You will learn how to evaluate measurements via modern smartphone gadgets for self-measurement (heart rhythm analysis with the 1-channel ECG, apnea-hypopnea index with the sleep analysis, VO2max for exercise analysis).
  • Individual therapy. Treatment with as few drugs as possible, preferably none at all (and thus few or mostly no side effects).
  • Modern performance diagnostics. Optimize your training with the results of spiroergometry
  • Partnership approach. Shaping your health as a long-term project together at eye level
  • Continuing Education. Regular medical and organizational continuing education of non-medical and medical staff.
  • Team.... and simply a friendly group of people that wants to help you
  • Chest pressure (angina pectoris)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Water retention in the legs (leg edema)
  • Heart stumble
  • Drowsiness, dizziness
  • Fainting spells
  • Decrease in performance

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Prevention of hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke

  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Heart failure (cardiac insufficiency)
  • Heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis)
  • Heart valve disease
  • High blood pressure (arterial hypertension)
  • Low blood pressure (arterial hypotension)
  • Narrowing of the leg and neck arteries (peripheral arterial occlusive disease)
  • Risk of cardiovascular disease in the future

Specialists in hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, heart failure and valvular heart disease

  • Like all other cardiologists, we use basic ECG, exercise ECG, echocardiography, long-term ECG and pacemaker interrogation.

    In addition, we use other methods for scientific holistic diagnostics and therapy, for example:

    • Circulatory examination. Circulation measurement, arteriography with pulse wave analysis
    • Vegetative nervous system. Analysis heart rate variability, baroreflex sensitivity.
    • Performance diagnostics. Spiroergometry
    • Lung examination. Lung volume, airway, lung power, transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    • Arterial examination. Duplex sonography of the neck arteries and the pelvic-leg arteries
    • Laboratory tests. Gene polymorphisms Neurotransmitter metabolism (dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, glutamate, estrogen).
    • Cardiac examination. Stress echocardiography, determination of suction force and pumping force, circulation-optimized setting of pacemaker systems, vector cardiography, cardiac catheterization with stent if required.

With the help of this modern forward-looking diagnostics, we can classify your symptoms in a more differentiated way. Consequently, we are able to clearly identify the causes. If you have high blood pressure or are taking medication, for example, we also take into account the interaction between the regulation of the blood pressure control circuit and the body temperature control circuit.

Only a differentiated diagnosis enables an individual therapy and thus a solution of your health problems and thus long-term health.

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You can get quick appointments through our online appointment booking, it works easier than any vacation booking.

If you do not find a suitable appointment and want an urgent appointment, then inform your family doctor. He will then contact us (fax, e-mail, phone) and we will find a solution.

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Cardiopraxis Düsseldorf
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Peter CorinthPeter Corinth
16:04 29 Nov 22
A very good team...Medical care and holistic treatment are very good. For health problems also via the Internet very quickly in contact with the doctors.See also beyond the nose.Am a patient for about 20 years and very satisfied.
Carl-Ernst SpieckerCarl-Ernst Spiecker
08:05 12 Nov 22
Many thanks to Dr. Schoebel for a very good and decisive analysis, his clear, friendly, almost partnership-like words. I left Praxis after only two appointments with the very good feeling of being on exactly the right path, for which one is also always a large part responsible. Thanks to the entire practice team for their competent and very friendly manner in dealing with patients. All the best for the future. See you again, for a regular check.
daniela bette cookdaniela bette cook
12:28 02 Nov 22
Dr. Schoebel took a lot of time to examine our son and to discuss things with us. He was really conscientious and advised us very well afterwards. A very dedicated doctor, from which some colleagues should take a leaf out of their book;)
Marita HolzingerMarita Holzinger
15:56 11 Aug 22
I have been a patient of Dr. Schoebel for many years. I have always been completely satisfied and, apart from the very good medical advice and treatment, I particularly appreciate the fact that he always gives me new impulses, e.g. concerning nutrition or breathing. In emergency situations I appreciate the very good accessibility of Dr.Schoebel. I also find the practice team and ambience very good.
Jörg NachtigalJörg Nachtigal
05:40 19 Jul 22
A very competent and nice doctor!Dr. Schoebel stands out from the crowd and that by his technical and professional approach and the way he deals with his via WhatsApp to clarify in advance what complaints I have and whether an earlier visit is not necessary. He takes his time with his patients.The equipment at Praxis is super modern and plenty of examinations were done. The staff is very friendly and you feel well taken care of.I like to come back!

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